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 Special Educational Needs SITE website Mission:

  • To have a simple directory of SEN Resources on the internet
  • To have a first stop internet resources site for those that need to find information or resources quickly
  • To help those that find it difficult to locate SEN resources
  • To show the best resources by a 5 star rating star star star star star
  • To show recently added resources and links to help people re-visiting the site for new stuff:
  • added in January added in February added in March added in April added in May added in June added in July added in August added in September added in October added in November added in December
  • use SEN specific icons if really specific item this item is related mainly to pupils with Physical Difficulties this item is related mainly to pupils with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties this item is related mainly to pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties this item is related mainly to pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties this item is related mainly to pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties this item is related mainly to pupils with Visual Impairments this item is related mainly to pupils with Hearing Impairments
  • To respond to feedback in developing SENSITE
  • To invite people to contribute resources and links
  • To try and not duplicate other resources, but link to them
  •  Disclaimer: the inclusion of hyperlinks to other sites doesn't imply endorsement of. Evaluate sites yourself. My evaluation, if given, is subjective based upon my own experience, and I cannot accept any responsibility for how you evaluate and use any information on this and linked sites.
    Apology: I haven't had time to do everything perfectly, so Star ratings, icons etc. have barely been started yet; also subjective; also barely started on some areas like English, but feedback and ideas welcome. I recognise that this is not an "accessible" website at the moment.

Please support this site in any way you can:

  • contact me with details of good resources
  • contact me with a critical analysis of the site and suggested improvements
  • Invite me to visit your school to share some resources
  • offer me some work (teacher/ICT/technician/handiman...) to help pay the mortgage
  • loan me a laptop with Windows XP
  • loan/gift me the latest version of microsoft Office
  • loan/gift me a copy of Macromedia Studio MX 2004
  • make a voluntary donation; is this site worth 20p, 50p, 1 or 2 a week to you?

About me: I have been teaching in special schools for some years; mainly SLD, with a little time in MLD schools. So, initially this site will probably be biased towards special schools, but hopefully, with support, development will be broader. I live in Hampshire, and have a lot of ICT skills, and currently between jobs!

Several facts are true:
Teachers are often too busy to search the internet for things on their own. There are far more resources out there than can easily be found in the time available for staff. The problem is in sorting the good from the bad, and the time it takes. A good website will vet links in some way; some do it by people emailing a star rating up to 5, and the average rating being displayed as a star rating.
Official Government websites seem to have to be unbiased when it comes to commercial resources! There are more evaluations of materials to be found now than there used to be though.

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